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What we do best.

At AMM, our programs are data-driven, based on tested and proven techniques and decades of experience implementing phone programs for campaigns. As a part of your team, we work to enhance your campaign plan and maximize your efforts to communicate with voters.

Our programs are grounded in the basics of voter contact and are designed to have maximum impact whether your goal is persuasion, turnout, analytics, or advocacy. 

Our Services

Surveys and Data Analytics

AMM is trusted by the most respected, pollsters and data analysts in the industry. We are consistently listed as a preferred firm based on our ability to collect survey data accurately and on time. Our extensive experience in campaigns and advocacy inform our approach to surveys and modeling because we have used and employed the outcomes.

Text Messaging

We believe it is critically important that texting not be wielded as a blunt instrument in the voter contact toolbox, but instead used strategically and in coordination with other campaign tools. The risk is not just wasted resources on texting, but also damage to the relationship and trust the campaign seeks with its supporters. 

In concert with a long term partner, AMM has our own texting platform, where we can and do manage all aspects of a text program.  Our texting platform provides our clients and campaigns more control over the process and allows for a true voter contact relationship.  Our system also provides transparent and critical understanding regarding deliverability and maximizing reach through real- and near-time monitoring and reporting, so that we can ensure our clients’ texts are going through as planned. Our system can be used by each campaign’s volunteers, or scaled to a higher volume using our call center agents.               


We offer peer-to-peer texting programs for persuasion, turnout, and text to web and in-line surveys.  Text messaging can be straight message delivery, or can incorporate MMS and survey components.  Surveys via text can range from a quick couple of questions to long form surveys.  Our platform allows for campaign volunteers and staff to respond to text messages real time, engaging voters in a text conversation while pushing the campaign’s message.

Advocacy and Activist Engagement

Our approach to advocacy and engagement is centered around the philosophy that you get an individual commitment by asking people to invest and act on your behalf, not by talking at them or doing something for them. We empower your targets with the information and the means to act.


Persuasion phones reach voters literally in their pockets or their home providing a direct connection and two way conversation. The message delivered provides model language voters need to share with their peers about the candidates of choice or why they will not vote for a candidate or support a cause.  In addition to the value of directly delivering the campaign message to the voter, persuasion phones enhance the value and salience of all other communication by bringing their attention and reinforcing messages they will see in the mailbox, radio, digital advertising, and television. 

Voter Turnout

Turnout calls are designed to lower the information gap for voters so that it is easier and less socially costly to cast their ballot for a candidate or cause they support. Calls of this nature are designed to generate disproportionate turnout among supporters by arming them with information first and motivation second to cast their ballot or act.

Telephone Town Hall Events

Our events are designed to provide candidates a direct opportunity to interact with the community. We have used TTH extensively to allow candidates to hear from celebrity or expert supporters, lay out policy positions, emergency communication for weather, COVID, healthcare sign up or updates.  Our platform and the system is designed to minimize the client staff and development time and maximize participant participation. AMM is an approved service provider for the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, several state legislatures, and municipal offices of public engagement for constituent outreach.