About Us

Our values run deep.

In 2009 full of pride and hope as Barack Obama was sworn in as president, AMM was founded with a commitment to promoting the ideals that ignited our political careers. We had been political strategists for over a decade when we started AMM and we were ready to do things differently—more hands-on, long-term, and with more impact. To this day, we work personally with every client. 

We’re women-and-LGBT-owned and unabashedly progressive. We work for social justice, womens’ reproductive rights, and public education. In other words, equality, protection, and representation.

Big Wins require powerful teams.

The happiest people in the world do work that they love, with people they love. At its core, this is why the partners founded AMM. Our team brings together our strengths to help your campaign win.

J.D. Angle

Danee Mastagni

Jennifer Mathews

Austin Reed

Jay Jackson

Laura Hunter Arbour

Earning trust through success.

  • Candidates and progressive organizations depend on us, from legislative caucus programs in smaller states like Iowa and Vermont to larger, more complex programs in larger states like Texas, Colorado, and Florida. 
  • We’ve managed analytics and voter contact teams for the DCCC, DSCC, the DNC, Hillary for America, Obama for America and Biden for President because we outperform our cohort with the measurable quality of the data we capture.
  • We also have a strong record of success in tough legislative races. We’ve helped elect Democratic state senators and representatives from Florida, to Texas to Oregon.   We win races in seats held by long term “safe” Republican office holders, and defended Democratic incumbents against well-funded attacks in swing districts.
  • Progressive organizations from AFLCIO, CAC, NEA, PPFA,  rely upon AMM to create and execute patch through calls to engage voters and move legislation quickly. At AMM we can start and adjust language, targets and volume real time as legislation moves.

Office Dogs